Monday, September 12, 2016

Education and Eurocentrism In Today's Schools

        In todays world of education, the way that teachers teach history class is wrong. Teachers teach history class and they center their classes around Europe. This is called Eurocentrism. When students are taught like this, they're view of the world today, and in the past, is mainly based on Europe.
     Students taught eurocentricly have their perspectives on the origins of the world altered in several ways. When thinking eurocentricly, they perceive Europeans to be the best thinkers, and most intelligent people in our world. They also don't really know anything about other countries because the countries are disregarded as unimportant. Finally, they view the world as sort of a school project created by Europeans.
      Thinking non-Eurocentricly, ones view toward the world changes greatly. The way the world is viewed by a non Eurocentric thinker is much more broad. They understand that Europe is not the dominant power of the world, and that Europes success and western success is more recent. They also understand that Europe did not "found" the world so to speak, and that the beginning of civilization was contributed to by many more countries.
        Each viewpoint has similarities and differences. An example could be that both viewpoints see the same events happen, however the way each viewpoint percieved said event is different. A non Eurocentric point of view will see many more details which the Eurocentric view doesnt.

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